Born in Gallatin, TN, and raised in Southern Indiana, Dr. Sandy Powell was one of four siblings reared by Godly parents, Patty & Buddy Powell.  The Powell family gained notoriety in the entertainment business as Buddy built a home recording studio where his wife and daughters began recording radio charted songs.  Doors opened for Television, Radio Show Hosting, more records, and live performances throughout the countryside while countless others sought out the Powell’s for guidance to break into the Music Industry.

  In 1998, a non-profit ministry was created through the urging of a newly formed board, advisors, and Pastors that Sandy submitted her calling and ideas to. Former Pastors Richard Reeves, Stephen Mansfield, and Dr. Joe Bailey, along with the Indiana Company of the Prophetic, became the men and the women that spoke into Sandy's life in the early days of her emerging.  Apostolically called to launch and oversee the raising up of a prophetic army, Sandy began to teach in 2000.

From Country Music to Ministry

A New Journey Begins

  Revelation began its' process to shape Sandy's thinking from entertainer, to minister.  Meanwhile, the Lord was creating a sphere of listeners who hungered to hear the Lord's voice and the plans He has for them. "Surely the sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plans to His servants, the Prophets." Amos 3:7

  In her teen years, Sandy sang with multiple pop, country, and rock bands, while being embedded in the word of God through her Methodist, Sunday school days of training and involvement. Following high school, Sandy moved to Dallas, TX, to tour with Country Music superstar, Charley Pride.  A solo career came forth with a ten-piece band and tour bus traveling throughout the world.

  The whirlwind life of a country music entertainer was everything Sandy had been prepared for, and more.  Additionally, the vibrant Ms. Powell represented Mack Trucks as their poster girl, and was voted "Best Legs" in TX.  Though a mid-air plane collision survivor in the 80s, the event that brought about a life change from Country Music to Ministry, was … hearing the voice of God.

  During 2002 Sandy served Billy Graham’s ministry in the newly built Nashville, TN Stadium as a supervisor for ministry teams.  Hundreds of ministers and disciples have emerged through the wineskin of Sandy Powell and PowerHouse Ministries as was again made evident in 2007 when Sandy went into the Titans Stadium with more than 600 prophetically trained ministers by her side to minister for Lou Engle and The Call.

   Signs and wonders often accompany the prophecies and power packed messages that revivalist Dr. Sandy Powell brings to audiences everywhere, including the personal healing of hemorrhaging vocal cords on July 4, 2006; The same year the PowerHouse Ministry Documentation Program was launched for those serious about being prepared for work in ministry. Students that apply and are accepted into the PHM School of Ministry are trained and activated in many of the gifts of the Spirit, including Prophecy, Healing, Deliverance, Wisdom, Discernment, and Dream Interpretation.

  Today, Sandy continues to walk with Church Leaders, Pastors and other leaders of the Five Fold, including Godly businessmen & women, while her husband, Jim Prater, serves as Vice President of PowerHouse Ministries.  Prater has been responsible for establishing massive distribution of provision to the poor and needy through the arm of PowerHouse Ministries even before the ministry was officially established in 1998.

   With her heart to worship and an unflagging Spirit of optimism, Sandy Powell reminds all believers that they have the potential to prophesy. "In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy,..." Acts 2:17. Her hands-on style of ministry training has become a catalyst for drawing people from around the country to attend her classroom equipping and Ministry Outreaches.

  A graduate of Bailey Bible Institute and Ordained through Richard Reeves and World Bible Way Fellowship, Dr. Sandy currently resides with her husband, Prater, in Bethpage, TN.  Sandy and Prater are members of Belmont Church on Music Row, in Nashville, TN, where multiple PowerHouse Ministries regional classes and events take place. Dr. Powell serves on various ministry boards and oversees the PowerHouse Staff, located in both Nashville and Bethpage, TN offices.

In her Prophetic Training Manual

"Understanding and Activating Prophetic Ministry"

Dr. Sandy Powell writes ...

"Once you've known the sound of the Lord calling you to something beyond yourself, a path you never knew existed becomes apparent. Your goal is to experience more of Him. Where He is, is where you want to be. Where He is, is where you want to lead others."  Click here to purchase.

This live recording was put together after Sandy was healed on July 4, 2006.

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