“The atmosphere was full of God's presence.” - Channing/Louisville, KY


“These ministers move in the Spirit! I was blessed beyond measure.” - Judy/Nashville, TN


“The worship was so authentic that you could feel the power of the Almighty in the house!” - Jonathan/Nashville, TN


“I was amazed & blessed by the worship, message, & prophetic words.” - Todd/Nashville, TN


“I received full sight in my left eye! God is a healer.” - Shannon/Nashville, TN


“Peace came over me like my body was being touched by God.” - Candace/Antioch, TN


“Fibroid Tumor gone!” - Angela/Murfreesboro, TN


“What was prophesied over me could’ve only been revealed by God Himself.” - Clarice/Murfreesboro, TN


“Wow, so much light shed on my job situation!” - Doris/Nashville, TN


“Refreshing, encouraging, pure & sincere.” - Jennifer/Nashville, TN


“Confirmation!” - Jeanine/Franklin, TN


“Incredible worship, impartation, & fellowship!” - Brandon/Nashville, TN


“Incredible: every word spoken was 100% accurate!” - Franklin/Mt. Juliet, TN


“Awesome experience!” - Patsy/Nashville, TN


“Such freedom during praise & worship.” - David/Nashville, TN


“I wasn’t able to lift my arms above my head, and my body was sore & swollen. After prayer, I felt born again!” - Darcelle/Goodlettsville, TN


“Tonight was my 3rd time to attend a Prophetic Activation service. I’m given life changing REVELATION every time!” - Dale/Lawrenceburg, TN


"A strong move of the Holy Spirit was present. I was given wonderful confirmations.” - Natasha/Dickson, TN


“I was healed of pain from nerve damage!” - Mary/Murfreesboro, TN


“Fear and intimidation are gone!” - Marilyn/Nashville, TN


“The ministry team spoke the same scripture over me that God had just given me - burdens were lifted.” - Darlene/Antioch, TN


“Their words brought life!" - Lashonne/Antioch, TN


“Amazing DREAM INTERPRETATION!" - Zach/Antioch, TN


“Accurate & Confirming!" - Terrell/Antioch, TN


“Informative & Spirit-led. I was delivered from oppression!” - Kendra/Nash, TN


“Great worship, awesome Word!” - Lisa/Lebanon, TN


“This ministry is such a blessing. Thank you for going to battle in behalf of others.” - Gini/Huntsville, AL


“GOD SPOKE TO ME through the ministry team!” - Alice/Clarksville, TN


“Amazing! Every Word spoken was 100% spot on. My faith has been strengthened.” - Dwayne, Mt.Juliet, TN


"Healing took place!" - Wendy/Franklin, TN


“I could feel the love & power of God.” - Keith/Antioch, TN


“There is such an anointing on this ministry. I had asked the Lord for a specific word to be spoken, which was “writing.” The first minister that spoke over me said, “Ready Writer.” - Carolyn/Columbia, TN


“I went to the altar for healing & asked the Lord in my mind, to stop the inflammation.  Immediately one of the team ministers spoke for all inflammation to cease.  In my mind, I then asked the Lord to heal my left foot. The other team minister got down on her knees and begin to pray for my left foot!” - Lula/White’s Creek, TN


“The team interpreted my dream which revealed how God wanted me to handle a problem.” - Mike/Shelbyville, TN


“I’ve had an OVERHAUL!  Thank you HEALING TEAM!” - Carol/Jonesboro, GA


“I had back misalignment & neck curvature issues. When the team prayed, I felt my muscles relax & the pain leave!” - Gabriel/Dixon, TN


“Burdens were lifted.” -   Darlene/Antioch, TN


“Encouragement & Confirmation” - Natasha/Dixon, TN


"I experience life changing revelation every time I’m at a PowerHouse gathering.  Keep on keeping on as you prophesy & speak life into the souls of TN & this Nation!” - Dale/Lawrenceburg, TN


“I experienced the presence of God.”- Sharon/Columbia, TN


“God removed my fear & doubt.”- Stephen/Nashville, TN


"After prayer a serious back issue calmed down & the pain left.”- Gabrielle/Lawrenceburg, TN


“These Prophets truly hear from God!”- Demita/Huntsville, AL


“During Worship the Lord came & held my right hand, then He took both hands.  This was the first time I’ve ever experienced anything like this.” - Daina/Murfreesboro, TN


“One of the most overwhelming and amazing things I’ve ever experienced. Fear & shame left & I feel lighter.”- Karah/Lebanon, TN


“I experienced God’s love during worship & was given direction & confirmation when the ministry team prayed for me!” - Loren/Ardmore/AL


“Phenomenal Dream Interpretation - confirming & eye opening!” - Kimberly/Nashville, TN


“The ministers interpreted my dream. It was amazing how He hears my prayers!” - Gianna/Antioch/TN


“I felt the love of God like never before. The Words given to me brought confirmation and peace.”- Marleney/Nashville, TN


“HEALED from nerve damage & 2 bulging discs!”- Mary/Murfreesboro, TN


“The anointing is apparent on these ministers!”- Barry/Nashville, TN


“God gave me the confirmation I needed!”- Gary/Murfreesboro, TN


“I am so grateful for the POWERFUL word from God!”- Natasha/Greenbrier, TN


“I was delivered from oppression!”- Kendra/Nashville, TN


“I experience LIFE CHANGING REVELATION every time I go to a PowerHouse gathering!”- Dale/Lawrenceburg, TN


“I felt the presence of God the entire time!” - Sandy/Murfreesboro, TN


“In Worship the Holy Spirit touched me & I was filled w/the Lord’s love.” - Alicia/Nashville, TN


“God healed me tonight.” - Mary/Springfield, TN


“The person who invited me told me it would change my life. He was right!” - Tyesha/Nashville, TN


“Confirmation, encouragement, instruction & direction were all given to me!” - Aaliyah/Antioch, TN


“The Spirit of the Lord is in this place!” - Cynthia/Hendersonville, TN


“I felt the Holy Spirit. My legs started shaking & would not stop!” - Shannon/Dickson, TN


“I received confirmation on things I’ve been praying about.” - Jordan/Warrior, AL


“OMG! I needed this so much!” - Tamara/Bowling Green, KY


“I came feeling down & inadequate. I’m leaving motivated & prepared!” - Denise/Nashville,TN


“I can’t stop crying! Everything said was on point.” - Ricky/Nashville, TN


“God bless PowerHouse & Belmont Church!” - Richard/Nashville, TN

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